15 Feb

CPAP masks for better sleep

CPAP masks are used to treat sleep apnea, a condition in which the patient’s airway becomes blocked during sleep. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, and it works by delivering a steady stream of air into the patient’s lungs while they sleep. The cpap mask is usually made up of several components: an adjustable […]

19 Feb

Booking your Next Dental Check Up

Depending on your teeth and their general health, it is recommended that you have a dental check up between once every six months, and once every twelve months. This allows your dentist to check that everything is good with your oral health, and to make any recommendations for treatments that you might need to have. […]

28 Sep

How to Increase Calcium in a Healthy Way

Calcium is essential for having healthy bones and teeth. It is especially important that children get extra calcium so that their bones and teeth develop properly whilst they are young. Adults should consume around 700mg of calcium every day. Calcium also has some other functions that are not as widely known. It helps to regulate […]

25 Oct

What To Look For in a Good Acne Moisturiser

Many moisturisers have the wrong ingredient for a particular skin type. Or they might have the right ingredient in a concentration that is not strong enough to make a difference. Or they might be high-pH, alkaline formulas that don’t interact well with the skin. (Alkalising is good inside the body, but mild acidifying is best […]

25 Sep

Two Reasons Why You May Have Acne

Are you struggling with recurring acne on your face? It’s not always to do with diet, there are plenty of other variables to think about. Here are two which you may not have considered till now. Think about where you place your smartphone. Do you wash it afterwards? Of course not, because you can’t! Your […]