18 Apr

Prescribing the Best Pyjamas: Getting a Good Night Rest with Eczema

Soundly sleeping ensures your top health, but for eczema sufferers who are fighting against it, it becomes a challenging task – especially when considering clothes for eczema. Weakness might be some effect of eczema which is a common chronic skin disease, irritating, redness and swelling of eczema may increase by the selection of the wrong clothing […]

31 Mar

Understanding the Link Between Allergies and Eczema

Allergies development and eczema are among conditions frequently seen in patient profile leading to the pain and irritation for millions of people worldwide. As two different states, research indicates that they are associated in a close manner. This blog post will be devoted to explaining the root cause of eczema and allergy relationship, and will be sharing […]

19 Feb

Booking your Next Dental Check Up

Depending on your teeth and their general health, it is recommended that you have a dental check up between once every six months, and once every twelve months. This allows your dentist to check that everything is good with your oral health, and to make any recommendations for treatments that you might need to have. […]

28 Sep

How to Increase Calcium in a Healthy Way

Calcium is essential for having healthy bones and teeth. It is especially important that children get extra calcium so that their bones and teeth develop properly whilst they are young. Adults should consume around 700mg of calcium every day. Calcium also has some other functions that are not as widely known. It helps to regulate […]

25 Oct

What To Look For in a Good Acne Moisturiser

Many moisturisers have the wrong ingredient for a particular skin type. Or they might have the right ingredient in a concentration that is not strong enough to make a difference. Or they might be high-pH, alkaline formulas that don’t interact well with the skin. (Alkalising is good inside the body, but mild acidifying is best […]