26 Jan

Vitamins Which Are Good For Your Teeth

To help immunity from illness and overall good health, there’s a recommended daily intake of nutrients and vitamins you should consume. Below are the three best vitamins for your teeth. Vitamin A – Consuming vitamin A will help your gums in the long run and also heal any inflammation they may have. Vitamin B – […]

17 May

Finding Your Best Fit in a Cosmetic Dentist

When it comes to dental options in Leicester, there are so many to choose from that the task becomes overwhelming. If you are sick of searching through endless websites that all seem the same, you can make your search a little more simple by following some simple steps that you may not have thought of. […]

16 Feb

New Dental Procedures for the Perfect Smile

More than anything, people love a beautiful set of teeth so that their smiles live up to the task of adding to ones personality. In the modern world it is nearly taboo to have bad teeth and people will go to many lengths for straightening, whitening or realigning their teeth. In the medical world such […]

17 Sep

Dentistry and The Importance of a Consultation

Most people know that regular flossing and brushing helps prevent cavities and keep teeth looking their best. However, not everyone in knows that proper oral hygiene also involves visiting a dentist regularly. Consulting with your local dentist, perhaps in Leicester, is beneficial because dental checkups are the best way to prevent serious oral problems such […]