25 Oct

What To Look For in a Good Acne Moisturiser

Many moisturisers have the wrong ingredient for a particular skin type. Or they might have the right ingredient in a concentration that is not strong enough to make a difference. Or they might be high-pH, alkaline formulas that don’t interact well with the skin. (Alkalising is good inside the body, but mild acidifying is best […]

4 Jun

Thyme Tea

Thyme has been used for healthy reasons for centuries, even being used during The Black Death. A plague that peaked in Europe from 1346-1353, during that time, and in other incidents of the plague thereafter, people would gather to burn large bundles of thyme to ward off the disease or carry pockets of thyme on them. […]

3 Nov

Pharmaceutical Drugs – Medicinal Products and Drugs

The Pharmaceutical industry is a corrupt industry featuring many organisations who are simply charging too much for basic subscriptions and drugs and unfortunately, everyone is having to pay the price as the NHS is continuing to have to pay for Europeans who can get away with free healthcare. However, pharmaceutical drugs can come under a […]