25 Oct

What To Look For in a Good Acne Moisturiser

Many moisturisers have the wrong ingredient for a particular skin type. Or they might have the right ingredient in a concentration that is not strong enough to make a difference. Or they might be high-pH, alkaline formulas that don’t interact well with the skin. (Alkalising is good inside the body, but mild acidifying is best for the skin.) Or the instructions with the product might say to wash it off after just a few minutes, soon enough to make absolutely sure no one writes in to complain about side effects, but not long enough to make a real difference for the skin.

There are a few lotions that are just plain harmful on blemished skin. The main problem areas are:

  • Addition of alcohol and/or menthol to make the skin feel tingly. That “action” on the skin is the process of inflammation, not the process of healing.
  • Addition of fragrances, perfumes, and “natural ingredients” of dubious value to acne care but of considerable certainty of causing allergies.

If you have acne, it’s also important to avoid any lotion, cream, gel, or balm that feels thick on your skin. Any product you use should feel light. Thick lotions clog pores and, whatever potential benefit they may have for other skin problems, they make acne worse.