25 Sep

Two Reasons Why You May Have Acne

Are you struggling with recurring acne on your face? It’s not always to do with diet, there are plenty of other variables to think about. Here are two which you may not have considered till now.

Think about where you place your smartphone. Do you wash it afterwards? Of course not, because you can’t! Your phone is like a bug magnet, picking up germs from everywhere. So, if you are to put your germ-ridden phone against your cheek all day long, it’s kind of obvious what can happen. Although you can avoid this problem by switching over to a Bluetooth headset. If Bluetooth’s not your thing and we understand why maybe wipe the screen of your phone with anti-bacterial wipes at least once per day.

Another reason could be binge drinking, which causes an imbalance in the liver. Yes, we all love to be merry, but make sure it’s in moderation!