19 Feb

Healthy Gums – They’re Just as Important as Healthy Teeth

Most people think of going to the dentist as being all about their teeth. However, gums are just as important and you should never neglect the health of your gums. Whenever you have a checkup, make sure your dentist is also assessing the health of your gums.

Healthy gums are so important for your general oral health. If the condition of your gums starts to deteriorate, you may end up with gum disease that can eventually lead to tooth loss. Make sure you get a regular checkup with the hygienist as well as with the dentist, as they will be able to give your gums a thorough deep clean.

It’s very important to floss regularly when keeping your gums healthy. This will help to remove any dirt that your toothbrush cannot reach and will make your mouth far cleaner than brushing alone. Insert the floss at the base of the tooth and move it backwards and forwards gently.